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Physical Exams in Burbank

Routine physical examinations give you and your physician a general idea of your current health and provide the opportunity to make improvements. At Care Fast Urgent Care in Burbank, California, Albert Kashanian, MD, Nora Davidian, PA, and the team offer convenient and cost-effective physicals for school, sports, employment, and general checkups. Simply walk in for a visit today.

physicals in burbank

Physicals Q & A

What are physicals?

Physicals, or physical exams, are general tests that your physician uses to evaluate your health status. Your provider at Care Fast Urgent Care inspects you and considers your lifestyle, the medications you take, and your past health before recommending positive changes you can make to improve your health.

A physical exam of any type has the potential to highlight a new health concern or possible complication that may arise in the future. By getting physicals regularly, you can catch any health issues in their earliest and most treatable stages.

Which types of physicals are available?

The Care Fast Urgent Care team conveniently provides several types of physicals that you may need at some point or should get regularly. Seven days a week, including late hours and holidays, you can receive:

Annual physical exams

Annual physical exams are physicals you should get every year, especially after you turn 50. You can update your immunizations, undergo screening tests, and find ways to improve your health with help from your provider.

Sports, school, and camp physical exams

Sports, school, and camp physical exams are for children and adolescents attending school or camp, or participating in after-school spots. They make sure you’re healthy enough to participate safely and find out if there are any special considerations you’ll need to take. Even adults can get sports physicals if they’re starting a new physical activity or changing a workout routine.

General employee and pre-employment health exams

General employee and pre-employment health exams are physicals that make sure you’re fit and healthy enough to safely fill your position at work, specifically the physical responsibilities.

What happens during a physical?

The exact steps of a physical vary based on your reason for getting one, your age, your health risk factors, and other aspects. Once you’ve gotten a few physicals before, you’ll have a general idea of what to expect with each of them in the future.

Physical exams at Care Fast Urgent Care start with your provider taking your medical history. They ask questions about your current health, immunizations, medications, recent medical procedures, and lifestyle. After this discussion, the steps in your physical might include:

  • Measuring height and weight
  • Recording vitals (e.g., heart rate, blood pressure)
  • Checking reflexes
  • Scoping the nose, mouth, ears, and throat
  • Listening to your heart and lungs with a stethoscope
  • Feeling your lymph nodes
  • Palpating your abdominal organs
  • Examining your skin

If your provider finds anything unusual and wants to perform further tests, they might recommend a blood test, urinalysis, or imaging. They discuss their results and findings with you at the end of your appointment or whenever the test results become available.

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