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Top Reasons Why You Should Consider STD Testing

Why You Should Consider STD Testing

Conditions known as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can be contracted through sexual contact, including oral, anal, and genital contact. There are more than 20 different STDs that you can potentially be infected with if you’re sexually active.

Some STDs are asymptomatic, affecting you and your sexual partner or partners before you realize you have a transmittable condition. And STDs have several negative consequences for your future health. That’s why getting STD testing is such an important part of health care for any sexually active person.

At Care Fast Urgent Care, our discreet and compassionate team offers quick and easy STD screening services in Burbank, California. Here are some of the reasons why you should get tested for STDs as part of your sexual health care.

You could have an STD and not know it

Many STDs can be asymptomatic after transmission. That means that you won’t see any concerning symptoms. Getting tested might be your only way of determining if you have an STD, so if you think you’ve been exposed, get tested.

You notice new symptoms

Some common symptoms of a potential STD that indicate you should get tested right away include:

  • In women: vaginal itching, abnormal vaginal discharge, or abdominal or pelvic pain during sex
  • In men: pain during ejaculation or abnormal discharge from the penis
  • Changes in urination
  • Rashes, blisters, bumps, or sores around your mouth or genitals

Getting a diagnosis as soon as possible means getting prompt treatment to prevent complications.

STDs can impact your future health and fertility

STDs can have a variety of negative effects on your present and future health and well-being.

Parasitic STDs like pubic lice are uncomfortable and embarrassing, but they can be effectively treated without a high risk of lasting health concerns. Some STDs, like herpes and HIV/AIDS, can’t be cured. So you may need regular testing and treatment to manage your condition and reduce your risk of transmitting it to any sexual partners.

Without treatment, STDs can affect your health and even your future fertility. It’s always a good idea to get more information about your potential STD status.

You can reduce the spread of STDs with testing

When you know if you have an STD, you can take steps to protect your and others’ sexual health. You should get tested if:

  • You notice symptoms of an STD
  • You’ve recently become sexually active with a new partner
  • You’ve recently had unprotected sex

You may need to get tested regularly if you often have sex with new partners, or have other exposure factors like intravenous (IV) drug use.

STD testing is quick and easy

At Care Fast Urgent Care, we often conduct a physical exam, and we talk with you about your symptoms or concerns. Our methods to check for STDs include blood tests, urine tests, and tissue or fluid swabs depending on the type of STD suspected, and we provide treatment, counseling, and support if your results come back positive.

Talk to the team at Care Fast Urgent Care about your STD testing needs and concerns. We can get you the information you need to protect your and others’ sexual health and wellness. You can call us to schedule your testing or request an appointment online now. We can also accommodate walk-in visits.