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Our Top Health "Life Hacks"

Our Top Health Life Hacks

Staying healthy benefits you in a hundred ways, from big to small. Maintaining strong health and wellness can extend your lifespan, protect you from health risks, and improve your ability to recover from illnesses, injuries, and other setbacks.

Each January, millions of people in the United States make resolutions to exercise more, eat better, lose weight, or get more sleep. But with everything on your plate, you might not have a lot of time and energy to devote to your health.

That’s where helpful health-related life hacks come in! Below are some of our favorite health-related tips and tricks to save you time and relieve your stress. And when you need treatment for an injury or illness, our team at Care Fast Urgent Care of Burbank, California, can help to keep you healthy and well without too much hassle.

Set yourself up for quality sleep

The quality of your sleep makes a huge difference in your health and wellness. Experts advise adults to get about 7-9 hours of sleep every night. Without sufficient sleep, you’re more vulnerable to infections and illnesses and more likely to have an accident and get hurt. Insufficient sleep can also damage your mood and make you prone to emotional stress.

With just a few adjustments, you can set yourself up for better sleep. Maybe it’s time to update your pillow so you don’t toss and turn throughout the night and wake up with neck pain. Trust us, whatever you need for high-quality rest, it’s worth it!

You can also try techniques like aromatherapy, white noise machines, and pre-bedtime meditation to increase restfulness and improve the quality of your sleep each night. Meditation has other positive health and wellness benefits, as well, and can reduce your stress levels over time.

Change the way you move your body

You might not have time to work out every day — but if you can exercise for just 30-40 minutes three times a week, you can substantially improve your health and wellness. Don’t worry if you have trouble blocking out 30 minutes at a time. Three 10-minute sessions provide the same health benefit.

If you can take time to exercise outside, you can benefit from sunlight-based vitamin D and exposure to fresh air. Time outdoors can also reduce symptoms of stress and depression.

Take steps to improve your physical health in your workplace, too. If your back always hurts after a long day in an office chair, consider switching to a standing desk. This little change puts a lot less pressure on your spine, saving you from back pain and protecting your spine from future issues like herniation.

Find more ways to eat healthier

Eating too much junk food puts unneeded strain on your health. Healthy foods contain vitamins and nutrients your body needs, and you can support your health by finding easy ways to eat right.

When you’re making a meal, be creative with adding more vegetable ingredients. Soups, omelets, meat dishes, and casseroles can all be delicious when filled with yummy vegetables.

If you don’t seem to have time to cook meals with lots of veggies, snack on your fruits and vegetables raw. Eating raw vegetables has been shown in studies to improve your physical and mental health, and you don’t need to take any extra minutes for food prep — just grab and go!

Health hacks improve your visits to the doctor, too

Getting the right medical care promptly improves many health-related outcomes. That means seeing a doctor as soon as an illness or injury arises.

And there are even helpful health hacks to improve your experience. For example, did you know that eating watermelon the night before you have to get blood drawn makes it easier for us to get your sample with the first stick?

For high-quality health care you can count on without the hassle, visit Care Fast Urgent Care. We provide comprehensive walk-in care services seven days a week.